Return of the digital nomad

I came home. I was away for three months, a digital nomad living, working and learning in Kyiv, Ukraine. I travelled home with some regret, my sojourn necessarily curtailed by visa restrictions. Trepidation was there too, with a fourteen-hour journey through international airports, confined in planes and trains: plenty of…

Still deciding what I want to be when I grow up

I never really got the hang of working. I have had various jobs, but never really much of a career. The actual work is not really the problem, but I find all the interactions, negotiations, relationships to be mentally and emotionally draining. Now that I am in my fifties, I…

Stories from a digital nomad

In October 2020, I had been socialising online and working remotely for six months, since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. I could be anywhere — as long as I was in front of my computer for online Teams work meetings and friends’ Zoom catch ups. I wanted to learn…

Alison Marshall

Writer, traveller, researcher

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