Learning two languages at once can be challenging

Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash

Not with a bang but with a whisper

Weak sunlight in the Yorkshire Dales. Photo by the author.

My next steps in learning to speak Russian

Podil, Kyiv. Photo by the author.

Return of the digital nomad

View through the trees on a sunny day, Yorkshire Dales, UK. Photo by the author.

Connected in place, separated in time

Leeds city centre. Photo by abdullah ali on Unsplash

Still deciding what I want to be when I grow up

Just an arty image, because I hate pictures of myself. Frosted leaves photographed on a walk near my home this week. © Alison Marshall, 2021

And straight into Lockdown 3

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

Stories from a digital nomad

Kyiv panorama. Photo by the author.

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

Letters from Kyiv: Number Ten

Photo by Denys Rodionenko on Unsplash

Alison Marshall

Writer, traveller, researcher

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